We Are Here for You

We are honored to walk with you, easing your dying experience and helping your loved ones heal from grief and loss. Thank you for being here.
Please reach out to us.

Know You Don’t Have to be Alone

We are here for you.
Leave knowing there will be loved ones paving the path home.
~ Before you go, While you are leaving and After you are gone ~

Don’t Leave Without
Saying Goodbye

Be present with those you have shared your life with… take a moment to express what want them to hear and listen to their heartfelt messages.

Death is the biggest experience we’ll ever face. It can feel difficult, lonely, and fearful for you and your beloveds. We are here for you.  We’re honored to offer these beautiful ceremonies and support that take much of that away. We want to help pave your path home… to create a journey of love in any part of your transition… before you leave, while you are leaving and after you go.

We want to sing your soul home.

You don’t have to be alone

Before You Go

Celebration of Life Ceremony

This ceremony is to Celebrate You and your life that you have lived. It is held online, with all your loved ones, before you pass. It’s a sacred experience to celebrate your life with wonderful memories being shared, music you love and how you have inspired each other. It is an opportunity to express what is in your heart and listen to your loved ones’ messages for you while you are here to do so.


While You Are Leaving

Pave the Path Home Ceremony

This ceremony takes place while you are passing. Your journey of transition is supported by a ceremony held online with your loved ones. We’ll meet as a group and create a cushion of love as you transition.… to pave your path home.... to be the wings that carry you. We’ll be there for you before, during and after you go. This is for people who are in ‘right to die’ states and countries, and can plan the time of their passing.

After You Are Gone

End Of Life Ceremony

This ceremony happens after you pass. It is for your loved ones to give you wings of love and prayer as your soul transitions onto the next plane. This gives your loved ones a chance to say goodbye and sing your soul home.






Parting Ceremonies for Children

The Ceremonies for Children will be coming in months to come. We know this is a terribly difficult time for you and encourage you to contact us and join the Facebook group.

We know this can be a very vulnerable and emotional time.

We are here for you.

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(Your privacy is as precious to us as our own… nothing will be shared or sold.)